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5 Awesome Years

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5 Awesome Years

Postby Colonel_Mustard » Aug 2nd, 2013, 10:37 pm

Well it has been 5 awesome years of the Dub Show, so I thought I would take some time to write a little (a lot) about my experience with the show. I will tend to speak for myself and Jon here although some thoughts are purely mine and he may view things different in some cases.

Going to Dub Fest years ago that Scott Cluney and Chris Martin put off (with the help of others Im sure) was great. I remember it being the first car show I went to that was different than all the rest. I didn't pay to get in, it was outside, it was relaxed. People didn't just come in, look at cars and leave, there was a social atmosphere to the show. People were standing around laughing and having conversations, just hanging out. When Dub Fest stopped for a few years I missed that and wanted to get that same feeling back. At the same time Jon and some others were also thinking the same thing.

Year one was a learning experience and we had lots of input. We didn't have a clear direction for the show, but we did have tons of support. Myself and Jon, along with Jonny, Blair, Danny, Melissa, and perhaps some others Im forgetting from the planning stages, did the best we could to create a fun show. After the first year me and Jon decided to change some things a little, focus the planning between the two of us, and set a few goals for the show.

The main goal was always to create a fun and relaxed show. We wanted people to feel included, to come to the show and feel like a part of the community, like we were all on the same page and friends. I was always a big advocate of no voting, a prize for everyone, and no fees. And we have stuck with those things ever since. I feel it is a great way to make the show have that gathering feeling as opposed to a regular car show. Some people disagree with that, and that is fine. But seeing all the people at the show gather around to win a prize, instead of a handful of owners with nice cars makes me happy. Everyone that goes, the kid in the rusty mk2, the family in the mk5 jetta, the guy in the car that's never seen the rain, they are all one group joining in the fun of winning something, however small it may be.

Having the show free, for participants and spectators. means that if you want to donate, if you want to buy a shirt, a ticket, or hot dog, you can. If you want to come out with your car or to check out the cars and not spend a thing, you can. If you want to donate food awesome, if not, that's fine too. We don't track that, we are just thankful for what we get. And the community has been super generous. It is humbling.

We tried the voting thing once, cause it was the normal car show thing, and I hated it. The show is not about that. If anyone has the attitude that their car should be recognized, there are plenty of other shows to attend. At the Dub Show, its just a bunch of cars and awesome people.

To be honest, every year I'm surprised about how many people come out to the little show we put off. The support from you guys is fantastic each and every year. Just taking the time to bring out your cars and spending the day with us is amazing.

This year a few awesome things happened. Getting to give out well over 100 prizes, including over $600 in gift certificates (not to mention about 100 $25 party bus coupons on top of that), giving out some prizes to all the kids that were there, raising money for Ronald McDonald House, collecting a ton of food for the Community Food Sharing Association, seeing the amazing turnout, having the best volunteers, and seeing so many happy people.

I had a friend visit the show, she isn't in the VW community, she just wanted to check it out. She sent me a message saying she loved checking out the cars and that everyone there was in such a good mood. That's what it is all about to us, and really made me feel like we accomplished the entire goal of the show. Also, while people were leaving and I got to talk to a few of you, I had a few people mention that they and their families had a great time, and that their kids would remember it forever. Again, so humbling, and exactly what we want from the show.

Both Ronald McDonald House and the Community Food Sharing Association are blown away each and every year with what we do for them. For a small free show, we have some generous people and I am so grateful to everyone and proud to donate to those causes on your behalf.

So this is a long post that few people will read through, but I wanted to talk about the show cause I am honored to be a part of it and super thankful to everyone for making it such an amazing time. What next year holds for me, Jon, and the Dub Show is yet to be determined. But I know that with this group of people it will continue. Also, I expect some ribbing at the next meet for getting mushy on VOGN.
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Re: 5 Awesome Years

Postby VeeDubberGuy » Aug 3rd, 2013, 1:09 pm


Hats off to you guys for pulling together an awesome event. This was my first time participating ... but not for a lack of trying on your part in years past. It is really cool to be a part of something and not be judged. I enjoyed talking to people who really wanted to talk about the VW's ... and were not scrutinizing every little paint blemish or dent. Yeah ... the show was small ... but the people, atmosphere and turnout was amazing! My family and I had a great time.

Count me in for next year!

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Re: 5 Awesome Years

Postby 73std » Aug 4th, 2013, 9:47 am

I also had a great time and thank you for it. I attended most of the old dub shows and runs before you guys started this one and also had good times and met some nice people, but this was the first for me in Bowring Park due to work and hope to attend more.
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