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The Green Hell

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The Green Hell

Postby TorbayNL » Nov 1st, 2015, 5:42 pm

I spent 24 days in Europe this past summer and the highlight of the trip for myself was doing a lap at The Green Hell(Nurburgring). I rented a VW Scirocco Cup+ car which has sticky DOT tires, race compound brake pads, roll cage, fuel cell, gutted back seat area and a free flow exhaust. I delt with Christine Schlenker ( ) who is with RentRaceCar( ) and she was amazing to deal with. When I booked it I was unable to book it on-line since it didn't accommodate someone living in North America so I didn't pay for anything upfront. I did have to pay the $199 euro or $300 once I got there and I also paid $7000 euro or $10,500 to cover the insurance deductible and that influenced my driving, I did't want to be around other vehicles on the track. The track has speed limits in some sections and the big rule is you are not suppose to pass until the vehicle you are going to over take turns his signal light on and you are only allowed to pass on the left side. Not everyone followed the rule but I tried my best to follow it. I did stay behind a car and a motorcycle for longer than I should have and if I seen someone catching me I would slow down and let them go once they got somewhat close to me and this caused me to take an undesirable entrance into a couple of turns. The track is extremely rough with severe elevation changes every where and it almost seemed like every turn was off-camber. It was a blast and the most intense drive I have ever done. If you are going to Germany you should look at doing this and you will be glad you done it. Here is a link of my lap from my WASP:
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Re: The Green Hell

Postby T_Dub » Nov 1st, 2015, 10:50 pm

Fantastic stuff. I did the same thing in an almost identical sirocco two years ago. Going back next summer for more. Ring fever for sure.
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